Chapter 5: Choosing speakers, presenters and entertainers

Learning objectives

  • How to choose speakers, presenters and entertainers
  • Where to find speakers, presenters and entertainers
  • Call for papers
  • Speaker bookings and agreements
  • Guidelines to assist speakers
  • Choosing a chairman for your conference or session
  • The chairman’s responsibilities during the session

How to choose speakers, presenters and entertainers          

Selecting the best person for the presentation is easier said than done. The event manager might know just what type of presenter to use for a specific session, but does not know where to find this person.

Somebody needs to be found who has extensive knowledge of the subject, is confident enough to address a large audience, and has the ability to relate to the audience. This can be a frustrating task and could sometimes lead to disappointment; a speaker agency can confirm that a certain presenter has all the right qualities, but when the person arrives it is evident that he/she does not fit the description provided by the agency.

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