Chapter 14: Exhibition management

Learning objectives


  • What is an exhibition?
  • The South African exhibition industry
  • Elements of exhibition management
  • Working with contractors
  • When the show is on
  • Why exhibitions fail
  • Exhibitor contract guidelines
  • Visitor information
  • Responsibilities and roles in exhibition management
  • Exhibitions running together with conferences
  • Tips on participating in exhibitions

Exhibition management defined

Organisations have found it increasingly important to use exhibitions as marketing communication tools to gain maximum exposure for their products and services. By exhibiting at tailor-made exhibitions, these organisations are investing in a cost-effective means to communicate with stakeholders and to form new relationships.

In some instances, organisations will approach event managers to arrange exhibitions. However, because of the growing popularity of exhibitions, specialised exhibition management companies are now well established in the event management industry.

Exhibition management involves activities such as:

  • Concept of the entire exhibition
  • Design and construction of exhibition displays
  • Graphic production of interactive presentations
  • Provision of exhibition equipment and furniture
  • Communicating with potential stakeholders, ie potential exhibitors and the media
  • Marketing the exhibition

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